Building Cleaning Service Unlimited

Your complete building maintenance solution offers specialized property maintenance services for your valuable homes, offices and commercial complexes.

We bring to you for the first time in the country, a reliable, efficient and experienced building maintenance service team to help you with all your building maintenance needs, using high tech heavy duty modern machines and equipments at affordable prices.

Our services include cleaning and maintaining of high rise glass windows, glass structural roofs, glazed dooms and skylights, structural glazing, metal sheet roofing, dirt and algae removal from exterior walls, soffits and facades, gutter cleaning, clearing and cleaning of bird nests and droppings, removal of environmental dirt and pollution, and many more!

We also provide dry hiring facility of our 27M super boom lift at reasonable rates. *(T&C applies)

You can avail our special services as below:

  1. Under Workplace housekeeping services package for offices

  2. Under Property Management Service package for residential buildings

  3. On-demand cleaning services

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