Business Models

Free Tier

This is mostly applicable for general users but has got less facilities.

Value Proposition (Features):

Free self-hosting and listing by the owner

Finding tenant not guaranteed

Listing might be fake

No guarantee seal

Service Charge

  • For Tenants: Simply visit the homepage and enter the location of your choice.


  • For Tenants: Simply visit the homepage and enter the location of your choice.
  • For House owners: Register your name and start announcement. Note that the features are limited

Pay Per Use Tier (I)

Book verified houses online without the need for site inspection. With 152 checklist we ensure that every part of the room is in working condition.

Value Proposition (Features):

Finding tenant guaranteed which includes

Verified Listing (Entry Condition Assessment)

Facilitate signing of agreement between owner and tenant

Professional photographs of the room taken by

Service Charge

  • Verified Listing (Entry Condition Assessment)
  • Only one time payment after the occupancy of the apartment
  • Nu. 499 from house owner and
  • Nu.599 from tenant.


  • For Tenants: If you find some houses with images and verified status and want to book the house you need to register and book the space.
  • For House owners: Contact us and we will do everything as featured for you @ 17730001

Pay Per Use Tier (II)

This applies for House Owners, Business communities, corporates and govt Office

Value Proposition (Features):

Exterior Building Cleaning

Interior room cleaning

Plumbing service

Electrification service

Wall/Floor/Roof Painting

Masonry and wood works

Service Charge

  • Service charge may vary as per assessment by the service provider


  • For Tenants and House owners: Contact us as and when you need the service @ 17730001

Subscription Tier

This is for large corporations, House owners with multiple service packages

Value Proposition (Features):

Includes all the features of Pay Per Use Tier in a single package

Service Charge

  • Per month payment of Nu.3500-Nu.7500 per building/month depending on number of apartments in the building and as per assessment of need for ancillary services. However, expense on purchase of inventories to be borne by the customer.


  • For House owners: Contact us for more information @ 17730001